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Emerging Europe’s Deleveraging Dilemma

EBRD Chief Economist Erik Berglof and former Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Božidar Đelić provided this commentary for Project Syndicate.

Serbia’s Tigar Corporation, a privatized automobile tire and tube maker, was a poster child for corporate makeovers in transition economies. Then eurozone deleveraging kicked in, and now the child in the poster is in serious trouble.… Read more

€30 billion for emerging Europe from EIB, World Bank and EBRD

EBRD Chief Economist, Erik Berglof: This new, larger financial package will focus on both financial and non-financial sectors to promote growth and structural reforms in central and south-east Europe.

A full transcript of the video is available below.

“The purpose of this €30 billion is to help recovery in our region, and we are now talking about central and south-east Europe.… Read more

EBRD wins two awards for gas flaring reduction projects

The Bank keeps looking for ways to turn major environmental problem into business opportunity for its clients.

As the EBRD has proved time and time again, “environmentally friendly” can and should mean “business-friendly”. Two EBRD projects were honoured for their strong impact on gas flaring reduction at the 10-year anniversary event of the World Bank’s Global Gas-Flaring Reduction (GGFR) partnership’s Forum in London.… Read more

October 26 / 2012

Gas flaring: turning waste into investment

Watch: A World Bank forum, hosted by the EBRD, looks at ways to cut flaring of oil-associated gas. Nearly US$ 50 billion worth of natural gas is flared or vented each year.… Read more

October 25 / 2012

Gas flaring: Let’s light up homes rather than the sky

World Bank’s Vice President Rachel Kyte writes from the EBRD-hosted forum on gas flaring reduction

Ten years ago, the World Bank and the government of Norway launched an ambitious project to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from a source few people thought much about.Read more

Is there sustainable happiness in transition?

According to conventional wisdom, people across the transition region are generally unhappy and dissatisfied with their lot, at least in comparison with those in rich western countries. The second round of the EBRD/World Bank Life in Transition Survey (LiTS), carried out in late-2010, backed up this impression: only 43 per cent of people in the region agreed they were satisfied overall with their lives, compared with more than 70 per cent of the sample in five western European comparator countries.… Read more