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Turkish equity: opening up for growth

A lot of business in Turkey is family owned. Whether it’s the first, second or third generation in charge, it can be difficult to contemplate bringing in outsiders as co-owners.

But as more companies realise the benefits of opening up, we see many great examples of companies bringing investors on board and benefitting everyone in the process.… Read more

Turkish SMEs: Financing small, thinking big

Ozcan and Pinar OzozanOzcan Ozozan, the founder of a glass mould making company from Mersin, only has a vague idea about the EBRD. Yet when the company, Ozen Iş Makina,  needed an urgent supply of  raw materials for an extra order, this medium-sized business in the south of Turkey benefitted from a TL 200,000 (€85,000) loan from the EBRD’s credit line for SMEs, administered through Yapi Kredi Bank.… Read more

Turkey’s wind: conditions set fair

Bares windfarm in TurkeyWind power generation is a very cool way to invest. It is a clean and fast way to increase energy production. The EBRD invests in wind power in many countries, from Croatia to Mongolia, but Turkish wind represents one of the best opportunities.… Read more

EBRD in Turkey: A small key opens big doors

Mike Davey, EBRD Director for Turkey speaks to an EBRD clientAs the farmer Ali Bozkurt says, a pomegranate tree starts yielding a good harvest in four to five years. The EBRD has been investing in Turkey since 2009; we are now beginning to see the fruit of our labour, and it does taste sweet.… Read more

Istanbul will move faster with new Bosphorus tunnel

Traffic in Istanbul, TurkeySome 13 million people live in Turkey’s largest city.  But getting around Istanbul isn’t always easy for tens of thousands of commuters who have to use ferries or cross the Bosphorus by bridge.

Now the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is participating in a landmark infrastructure project – the Eurasia Tunnel – to be built under the Bosphorus straits.… Read more

New Bosphorus tunnel in Istanbul to connect Europe and Asia

Video: The EBRD is participating in a landmark infrastructure project in Istanbul – the Eurasia Tunnel. The road tunnel will be build under the Bosphorus Straits and will link the European and Asian sides of the city. EBRD Managing Director of Infrastructure, Thomas Maier: new project provides a blueprint to fund more infrastructure projects in Turkey and the region.… Read more

December 11 / 2012

EBRD announces first €10 billion in sustainable energy investments

The climate change debate is in the headlines again. In Istanbul, the Climate Investment Funds partnership forum – organised by the World Bank and co-hosted by the EBRD – gathers 6-7 November to discuss ways to stimulate investment in green energy.Read more