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EBRD in Turkey: A small key opens big doors

Mike Davey, EBRD Director for Turkey speaks to an EBRD clientAs the farmer Ali Bozkurt says, a pomegranate tree starts yielding a good harvest in four to five years. The EBRD has been investing in Turkey since 2009; we are now beginning to see the fruit of our labour, and it does taste sweet.… Read more

Ukraine Nuclear Safety Upgrade

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is supporting a comprehensive programme to upgrade the operating nuclear power units in Ukraine.

The EBRD will work with Energoatom, which runs Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.

More information on this project is available on the EBRD website.… Read more

Bulgaria – Energy Sector Economics behind the Political Turmoil

On 20 February 2013 the Bulgarian government resigned amid dramatic street protests sparked at least in part by complaints about high winter utility bills. Even before Government resignation the Prime Minister dismissed the Head of the State and Water Energy Regulatory Commission (DKEVR) and the Minister of Finance in a failed attempt to cool down sentiments in the streets.… Read more

Competition policy in the EBRD region: Why is it lagging behind?

The benefits of robust competition policy are reasonably well recognised in most EBRD countries of operation, yet the progress in this area has been generally slower than in other policy areas.[1] This can be explained partly by the complex environment in which competition policies and regulators are set up in any country, but there could be also some other features at play, which are characteristic to our region.… Read more

February 18 / 2013

Animal welfare in focus

To provide food for a rapidly growing world population, the output in livestock farming has seen a tremendous increase over the past decades. While animal health and production have been broadly improved, some of the enhancements went along with a decline in the conditions in which farm animals are raised, transported and slaughtered.… Read more

EBRD event: Gender Differences in the Workplace

Video: The EBRD is committed to promoting gender equality internally within the Bank as well as in our external operations. With this in mind, the EBRD’s Learning and Development team recently organised a debate on the topic of gender in the workplace, which brought together a panel of specialists in gender issues, including Susan Vinnicombe, a professor at Cranfield University, as well as senior managers at the Bank.… Read more

February 06 / 2013
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Regional Economic Prospects

Video: EBRD Chief Economist, Erik Berglof, outlines the economic picture in emerging Europe and sees the risks for these countries receding as the Eurozone outlook stabilises. But challenges remain and it is too early to sound the all-clear.

Read the report in full.Read more

What explains the protracted investment decline in the new EU member states?

Following Europe’s financial crisis of 2008-09, the ten new EU member states (EU 10) have experienced a sharp drop in capital formation, in total by almost 20 per cent peak-to-trough. Since then there has been only a tepid recovery, as was again underlined by the most recent GDP figures, which in Q3 2012 showed no growth at all compared to a year earlier.… Read more

Emerging Europe’s Deleveraging Dilemma

EBRD Chief Economist Erik Berglof and former Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Božidar Đelić provided this commentary for Project Syndicate.

Serbia’s Tigar Corporation, a privatized automobile tire and tube maker, was a poster child for corporate makeovers in transition economies. Then eurozone deleveraging kicked in, and now the child in the poster is in serious trouble.… Read more

EBRD Spectrum Event: Gay life in eastern Europe and the Middle East

Panelists at EBRD Spectrum eventIn many of the EBRD’s countries of operations, life for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people has improved over the last 20 years. But many difficulties remain, and the Arab Spring risks making the situation in that region much worse, according to experts who gathered at EBRD Headquarters in November to discuss gay life in eastern Europe and the Middle East.… Read more