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EBRD wins two awards for gas flaring reduction projects

The Bank keeps looking for ways to turn major environmental problem into business opportunity for its clients.

As the EBRD has proved time and time again, “environmentally friendly” can and should mean “business-friendly”. Two EBRD projects were honoured for their strong impact on gas flaring reduction at the 10-year anniversary event of the World Bank’s Global Gas-Flaring Reduction (GGFR) partnership’s Forum in London.… Read more

October 26 / 2012

Gas flaring: turning waste into investment

Watch: A World Bank forum, hosted by the EBRD, looks at ways to cut flaring of oil-associated gas. Nearly US$ 50 billion worth of natural gas is flared or vented each year.… Read more

October 25 / 2012

Gas flaring: Let’s light up homes rather than the sky

World Bank’s Vice President Rachel Kyte writes from the EBRD-hosted forum on gas flaring reduction

Ten years ago, the World Bank and the government of Norway launched an ambitious project to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from a source few people thought much about.Read more

Actively Seeking Public Input: The EBRD’s Draft Mining Strategy

For over three years, the Bank has made an exhaustive effort to seek and receive comment from a broad range of stakeholders on all aspects of its draft Mining Strategy. 

This was a process which started back in April 2009 when the components of a future mining strategy were first broached with civil society organisations. … Read more

How to make plastics in Slovakia cleaner and cheaper

Slovnaft, a member of Hungary’s MOL Group, will use EBRD’s US$ 150 million loan to buy strategically important equipment – among the most energy efficient in the EU. The Bank continues to help the central European industry reduce energy consumption.

Read more

July 05 / 2012

Film-making competition: meet the finalists

Earlier this year we worked with TVE to sponsor part of their Biomovies competition, an initiative that invited film-makers to create short films on environmental themes.

It has been a huge success with many more entries than last year’s event and a number of excellent, creative films making it to the final shortlist.… Read more

Kazakhstan's industrial policy: between pipedream and pipelines?

Can something good come out of the crisis? Perhaps. Kazakhstan – battered by a sudden stop in bank funding and a lower oil price – recently announced updated industrialisation plans that seem more realistic than earlier versions. The stated goal is still to advance economic diversification and reduce the country’s dependence on oil.… Read more