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EBRD-CSO dialogue: Is social media the right communication tool?

EBRD Board Directors meet with civil societyRecently, the EBRD has been more consistently using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google as well as the EBRD blog to reach out to civil society organisations in its countries of operations.

Social media helps the Bank to stay in touch with its private sector, government and civil society stakeholders across the EBRD region and to provide real time feeds about its activities.… Read more

EBRD President meets civil society for the first time in the southern and eastern Mediterranean

A city street with cars and people in JordanOn 17 March 2013, during his visit to Jordan EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti met with representatives of civil society and royal organisations in Amman. The meeting was in addition to his audience with King Abdullah and meetings with the highest representatives of the government, international community and businesses.… Read more

Western Balkans: Intensive high-level dialogue and consultations with civil society

During March 2013 the EBRD engaged in extensive dialogue with civil society in the Western Balkans, where consultations were conducted on the draft country strategies for Kosovo and FYR Macedonia, and Board Directors met with local civil society organisations in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.… Read more

Quo vadis Albania? EBRD consults civil society on the draft country strategy for Albania

Albanian shop front and man walking down street in TiranaTwenty civil society organisations participated in the workshop organised by the EBRD on the review of the Bank’s country strategy for Albania. The event, which was held at the premises of the EBRD Resident Office in Tirana on 18 October, attracted the participation of civil society representatives coming from a wide range of local and international organisations dealing with environmental and developmental issues, gender equality, economic empowerment and social entrepreneurship.… Read more

Dialogue with civil society: EBRD reaches out to over 150 CSOs in SEMED region

A city street with cars and people in JordanIn early September, the EBRD completed the first phase of its outreach efforts to civil society in the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region.  Since January this year the Civil Society Engagement (CSE) Unit organized a series of face-to-face meetings between senior management and over 150 civil society organisations (CSOs) on the ground in Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt as well as at HQ.Read more

EBRD President meets with civil society organizations

Why should a newly appointed President of an international financial institution meet with civil society organizations during his third week at a new job?  Because civil society is one of the key stakeholders of public institutions and an important partner for the development of fully-fledged market economies.… Read more